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There you have it, this is a really bad landing page. To start with, the title "Hola" doesn't really convey any benefits, it just tells you that I'm Spanish. Also, there is nothing informative in this section, hover over the dots on the right or scroll down to get somewhere with useful content.

Don't judge me, I've put this together literally in 5 minutes (fancy animations built in the theme).

Fran Sanchez

I'm just a guy

People like to get themselves fancy titles: Serial entrepreneur, brand builder, creator of awesomeness… I’m just a guy that wants to learn as much as possible, improve myself, others, and help make a better world. I’ve started businesses yes (some did well, some failed), I have invested here and there too, but my interests are just too broad so I find it hard to fit myself into any particular category.

I have a master in Molecular Biology from Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden) and a master in Bioentrepreneurship from Karolinska University (Stockholm, Sweden). I find Science and Business fascinating and I’ve always dreamed to combine both.

Currently I spend most of my time in two projects, Herbolab and Shopitpress, though I have an array of other projects that I toy with from time to time.


Herbolab is a supplement company that markets natural supplements designed to promote hormonal balance in men and women, resulting in a healthier and more sexually fulfilling life.

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Shopitpress is a software company that specialises in WooCommerce plugins and themes. Shopitpress was born to fulfil software gaps in my own ecommerce store Herbolab, with the intention of making this software available to other WooCommerce store owners.

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