When I met Michael Winslow, the guy from Police Academy who made all the crazy sounds

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The other day at work I got to meet Paul, an Irish guy who is working as a promoter in the entertainment industry. He told me his company produced the Police Academy series, and that his friend Michael Winslow was visiting him (the guy who did all the crazy sounds in the movie). This guy is a real genius making all kind of sounds, as he explains, he can “see” the sounds as colors (mixing senses together is called synaesthesia). Here is the picture with him (Spanish t-shirt included lol):


And in case you wonder, I work in a place called Mar Azul. It is mostly apartments owned by rich Russians (Yeah lot of mafia it seems), but some of them are also for rent, here are a few pictures:


I’ll leave you here a video of Mickael in action 🙂