Thirty days challenge

By September 16, 2010Journal

Do you have all the habits you wish for? I certainly don’t. I am always up to try something new, some new challenge, something that can have a positive impact on my life. But I always fail to develop a habit, I often forget, start something else, get bored, etc. And it kinda bothers me, because sometimes the good benefits of a new habit may not be instant, but somewhere along the road.


At some point I tried to meditate everyday because I read about the good effects that meditation has in your ability to focus and relax. But I quitted even before I was able to “truly” meditate without distractions. I remember that I tried to wake up at 7 everyday on another challenge, even when I didn’t have to, to take advantage of the quietness of the morning to get things done. That one failed already in day one.


They say it takes about 21 days to build a new habit. I have seen an interesting concept called 30 days challenge, in which you challenge yourself to do something for 30 days. Some of those challenges may include no TV, become vegetarian, read 50 pages everyday, no facebook, etc. Some times the point is to make yourself flexible, and to realize that you need very little to be happy (yes, you can survive without facebook for a month, I heard). Some other times it’s about introducing a healthy habit.


I like the 30 days challenge concept, and since it’s almost the end of September, I will start from October. The theme for October will be meditation, and I will meditate everyday at least for 15 minutes. I will post the results later. I still haven’t decided what to do for the next months, do you want to help me out? Vote! 🙂

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